20 Easy Ideas to Delight Your Customers (Part 2)

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Last week, we presented 10 ways to delight your customers, tips that can help drive loyalty and leave a lasting impact with positive benefits for your company. This week, we offer 10 more suggestions on how to create a memorable experience that will have your customers falling in love with your business.

11. Give a Great Read

Aggregate all the books that have been influential to you and your business, and give them out as gifts to your customers. This offering gives customers insight into the culture of your company and provides a relatable subject matter for future conversations. This is an especially effective technique if your customers are other businesses.

12. Start a Loyalty Program

Reward your most loyal customers by inviting them into an exclusive rewards program. Customers love to receive the VIP treatment, which is why companies who offer rewards programs are so popular. Simply offer annual discounts or exclusives deals before they hit the public and customers will love doing business with you.  

13. Reward Social Media-Savvy Customers

Your companies exclusive circles should also extend to social media. You can reward customers who interact with your brand on social media with exclusive promotions, discounts, and prizes for advocating your business. This can be achieved through various social initiatives you set forth. All initiatives should be fun for participants, but also be focused on spreading brand awareness. You can create a system for earning and using social media loyalty points or some other means to track an offer social rewards. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

14. Customer Meet and Greets

If you notice there is a geographical area where there are a high number of customers who are loyal to your product, you may want to plan a customer meet and greet event. By sponsoring a customer focused event you not only show customers that you notice them, but you also create a chance to give them exposure to your brand’s upcoming new releases and promotions. If the event is successful, it can become something that you host annually and can advertise to customers in nearby locations so they have an opportunity to have fun with your company.

15. Spotlight Customers

Shout out customers on Twitter to show them how much they mean to you. Your goals should be to make it personal and to leave them smiling. Customers love when companies interact with them via social media. If you do this well enough customers will look forward to your post and will give a boost to the effectiveness of your social promotions. You can also feature customers on your website. This gives your customers value and gives them a sense of pride in doing business with you. 

16. Send a Treat

The fastest way to a customer’s heart is through their stomach. You should consider sending out treats to customers as a way to show appreciation and gratitude for their patronage. Cookies are always a good option because they are liked by many and easy to share, but you should always be thinking about your audience and cater your treat accordingly.  

17. Give a Charitable Gift

Reach out to valued customers and let them know you would like to contribute to their favorite charity in their honor. This approach creates a camaraderie with the customer on issues they care about. Feel free to get creative with this method. There are plenty of ways you can give charitably, and getting your customers involved reinforces your company’s values and builds confidence in your brand’s position as a community leader. 

18. Offer a Surprise Upgrade

Who doesn’t like a good surprise? Especially when that price is an upgrade. A great way to thank your customers is with a free, impromptu upgrade. You can do random selections or make a list of your best customers and send them a spontaneous upgrade. It is something they will love and most likely brag about to their friends.

19. Send Cards on Unique Holidays

A personal touch is always appreciated especially on unique holidays. Sending cards on estranged holidays like Groundhogs Day or half-birthdays lessens the chance your card will be overlooked in a mass of other cards. This approach also makes your business stick out to those who are not accustomed to receiving cards on such holidays.

Other ideas: Customer anniversary cards are a great way to stand out from the crowd. You can also create personal business holidays that only loyal customers and employees would know, like customer appreciation week.   

20. Show You Value Feedback

Reach out to customers to tell them how their feedback is appreciated and that changes will be made based on their suggestion. This is the best way to show them that you are listening. Make your customers feel like there is an open line of communication at all times. Be attentive to all feedback whether it’s positive or negative.

Dominique Robinson is a Marketing Specialist at SkuVault, a warehouse management systems software company. Dominique’s passion for helping people discover better ways to improve their business manifest in his coverage of management operations. His ability to relay the most up to date coverage of news and trends in the industry has helped provide readers with a targeted platform to meet their needs.

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