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Zoey helps B2B and wholesale businesses take orders online anytime, anywhere, with any device.

Never miss a sale again...


Look up product details and customer-specific pricing. Create quotes and orders anywhere, even offline.


Offer your customers a
self-service eCommerce experience optimized to make bulk orders simple.

...and manage with ease


Create and manage products, orders, for both the Zoey App and Zoey Web. Establish business rules, customer groups and more.
Ben Rieck Brooklyn Bedding

“We needed a ready-made solution for our wholesale program customers that would give them the ability to easily place and track orders. The feedback we have received from our customers using Zoey has been very positive and has also lowered the amount of customer service calls dramatically.”

Ben Rieck, Chief Financial Officer, Brooklyn Bedding

ZOEY is great for...


Provide your franchisees an easy online portal to order the products and supplies needed to keep their stores stocked.


Manage large orders at volume with unique pricing and catalog lists, segmented by buyer type.


Make it easy for your dealers to place orders and re-orders, or get quotes for new items, while also selling B2C.

The ZOEY difference


Designed especially to move B2B and wholesale businesses online.


All of the required B2B sales functionalities are built right in.


Take orders and look up information wherever you are, even without Internet.


From identifying your challenges to onboarding your store, count on us.

Easily connect with popular business platforms

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From our academy

Store Credit Refund Option Introduced

As part of our ongoing expansion and revision of our Billing options, Zoey has this month introduced a Store Credit option as a new way of issuing a refund to a buyer’s account. Store Credit expands the flexibility for our sellers of how they manage orders that are returned or …

December 2020 iOS App Improvements and Updates

The Zoey team has continued to take in feedback around our iOS app, and has released a new wave of updates as development of the Android version continues. Here are some of the key additions for the 2.0 version of the iOS app, released earlier this month, and which is …

Additional iOS App Improvements for Fall 2020

Our iOS app continues to evolve as we receive feedback from our customers about areas that they could benefit from seeing improvements. As the app matures, we also begin to turn our attention to the Android version, which will likely see a release early in 2021. Here are some of …

Recent Zoey Updates for Fall 2020

While we have recently shared some of our iOS app enhancements, development of our Zoey Web and Zoey Admin components continue apace as well. Examples include integrations with Quickbooks Online and Salesforce, developed by our team, to make data even more accessible than before. With that in mind, here’s additional …

A Walkthrough of Zoey’s New Billing System

You may have seen our announcement for Zoey’s new billing system. All of our merchants will leverage the new billing system to complete tasks like marking orders paid and shipping items. However, with the new billing system, you can also collect a deposit or partial payment, and you can now …

Zoey Launches New Billing System; Capture Payment for Deposits, Purchase Orders, Net Terms

Today, Zoey introduced a new system that will allow for a variety of billing scenarios, such as deposit capture and balance collection that previously wasn’t possible, and at the same time enhancing the Zoey Admin abilities to review and manage your orders. A new buyer-facing invoice payment screen also launches …

Core Commissions Now Integrates with Zoey

If you have a sales team and need to easily automate and manage commissions calculations, Core Commissions is for you. The latest technology to integrate into Zoey, Core Commissions can take the hassles out of managing that aspect of your sales teams, going hand in hand with Zoey’s tools for …

Updates to Zoey iOS App Improves Performance, Adds Key Features

Since our release of our first app (for iOS; Android version coming soon) we’ve been collecting feedback from our initial users and our customer base on how to evolve the app to be even more useful for everyday needs. This has led to a series of updates to the app …

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