eCommerce Website Access Restrictions
for B2B and Wholesale Businesses

Maintain control over what information is made public, and display different information to different parts of your B2B and wholesale customer base.

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Create a Private Site For Your Customers

Easily create a password-protected storefront that only lets authorized customers view your site. Powerful tools give you fine-grained control over site restriction:

  • Approved customers need an account to access any part of your site
  • Anyone can view your site, but only approved customers can checkout
  • Anyone can view your site but only pricing and checkout is accessible to approved customers

Restrict Access to Categories and Products

Category and product access restriction give you another layer of control over the information a customer can see. Based on customer groups, you can hide:

  • Entire categories, pricing in a category or add to cart functionality for that category
  • Products, product pricing, add to cart or access to a product details page

Along with private site functionality, Zoey gives merchants far more control over access to their site and content than any other SaaS eCommerce platform.

Advanced Account Registration and Approval

Zoey’s account registration features give you a variety of ways to configure your account creation and approval process, eliminating paperwork and hassles:

  • Create a unique registration form for your customers groups
  • Include custom fields like Tax ID
  • Pick from workflows to approve accounts automatically or manually
  • Send automated emails when an account is pending approval and once approved

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Our Access Restrictions capability also ties seamlessly with our Customer Groups feature, allowing for more complex catalog scenarios like:

  • Pricing and tiered pricing by Customer Group
  • Promotions for certain groups
  • Personalized pricing only available when logged in

Provide a Unique Journey for Each Customer

Show or Hide Pricing

Decide what information is publicly visible. Display or hide pricing; allow guests to shop or restrict to only logged in customers.

Custom Catalog

Decide which products and categories are visible to all, or only to certain customers. Set up special catalog presentations for marketing initiatives.

Registration Approval

Queue registration requests for approval and assignment to ensure who has access. Decide what each registrant can see, and what pricing they get.

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Ready to explore Zoey for yourself? We've built a demo store that shows you all of Zoey's major features in operation!

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