Accelerate B2B and Wholesale Purchases
with Advanced Quick Order

Many B2B buyers already know what they want. Make it easy to enter SKUs and checkout with a powerful quick order system built directly into Zoey.

Quick and Easy, For You and Your Customers

Pre-Populated Forms

Set up initial SKU and quantity values for common order scenarios. Pre-select a variation for configurable products to accelerate ordering.

Control Access

Decide who can see the form with our Access Restrictions capability. Determine how many rows are available and whether more can be added.

Design Control

Easily place your order forms wherever they’re most relevant to your customers thanks to direct integration into Zoey’s Visual Design Editor.

Easy to Assemble Orders

For customers who know the SKUs they wish to order, they can create an order easily without having to go to each product page. Multiple options exist for preparing an order:

  • Quickly enter SKU and quantities via the provided form
  • Copy/paste a CSV with quantity SKU pairs in bulk

Click Add to Cart when finished and the entire cart is prepared for checkout.

Offer Multiple Forms

You can prepare Advanced Quick Order forms that superserve your customers, especially when you have common order types that can be more quickly fulfilled for B2B and wholesale customers. Pre-populated SKUs and quantities speed up the order creation process for buyers. Advanced Quick Order forms can also be used for marketing purposes by having pre-built packages that customers can put in their cart with one click.

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Control Access at the Form Level

The Advanced Quick Order forms themselves have an Access Restriction option. Forms can be placed on open pages, but revealed to Customer Groups with access. This is great for sites that have multiple buyer personas that need the flexibility to show certain elements only to certain customers.

Customize to Match Your Site

With complete integration into Zoey’s Visual Design Editor, your Advanced Quick Order forms are placed in the locations that you prefer. They can easily be properly integrated to match the look and feel of your website.

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Advanced Quick Order is available on our Power plan at $499/month, along with other B2B and wholesale capabilities.

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