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Magento Made For Non- Developers

At first Magento seems perfect. It’s free, flexible and powerful. But looking closer shows that Magento is really made for developers. It takes years of coding knowledge and months of work to launch a Magento site.

Zoey gives you many Magento features, plus tons of extra improvements, in an easy-to-use hosted platform. This allows you to focus on what you do best: building your business, not managing technology.

The Ease of Use of SaaS

One of Magento’s biggest issues is having to manage hosting, security and software updates. A misstep can crash your site and take hours or days to fix.

With Zoey, all hosting, security and updates are managed for you. There are no extra fees or work required from you.

Customize Your Design, Yourself

Design in Magento starts with buying a theme and having a developer customize it to your brand. It’s a costly task that requires deep Magento knowledge to get right.

Zoey lets you customize your design with free themes and a code-free, drag-and-drop design suite. Finally, non-developers have the tools they need to realize their creative vision.

The End of App Conflicts

One of Magento’s strengths is the large number of apps it integrates with. But it’s very common for these apps to conflict with each other, breaking your site.

App conflicts don’t exist at Zoey. We’ve pre-installed the best Magento apps and ensured they’re conflict-free. Apps just work.

Ready to Switch From Magento Community Edition?

Our automated migration tools makes it painless to switch to Zoey from Magento Community Edition. With just a few clicks, we’ll import your products, categories, customers and orders from Magento Community Edition.

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