AgeChecked Launches on Zoey App Store

agechecked-logo.jpgZoey’s customers can now seamlessly and remotely age verify their customers on their existing website.

Zoey this week launched a new integration with AgeChecked. Zoey’s customers can now conduct official age verification checks on their clients with little or no interaction from the customer.  It is a major advance on the very basic  ‘Are you over 18 or 21?’  tick boxes or date of birth requests, which are no longer deemed acceptable by many regulators.

AgeChecked service creates private, secure and anonymised audit logs of all merchants’ age verifications, to prove to enforcement bodies that the required checks have taken place.

The integration is the first of its kind on Zoey and will give merchants the ability to continue and legally serve markets around the world where age restrictions are in place.

Age Verification for all Sectors

Age verification requirements vary by jurisdiction and sector, however the AgeChecked solution only requires a single integration. The service can be easily configured to meet the requirements for multiple geographies at the same time.

Add additional countries and different age verification methods to completely integrate with your current store. Zoey’s mission has always been to make powerful tools more available to merchants of all sizes. Our new partnership with AgeChecked provides tools necessary to legally supply and serve global markets.

The list of industries AgeChecked work in is ever growing. Here are just some of the industries that they currently work with:

  • Vaping and Tobacco
  • Gaming and Gambling
  • Alcohol
  • Media
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Retail
  • Pharmaceutical and Medicinal
Hi-tech, but easy to use

Each Zoey client has specific needs and AgeCheckeds service has been designed to be fully customisable with a single Global Plug-in.

AgeChecked is a new generation verification company that has been specifically designed to meet new age verification regulations, using technological verification solutions as well as standard identity based verifications. Due to disruptive technology and a unique business model, AgeChecked can offer Zoey clients a much more cost-effective solution compared to more traditional competitors.

Verifying customers seamlessly with little friction minimises the disruption on the customer journey imposed by age verification. With site abandonment a click away, AgeChecked’s focus on seamless verification means more of your customers remain on site. AgeCheckeds routes to verification allow for ‘invisible’ behind-the-scenes checks or single field entry of new customers.

Zoey merchants can incorporate AgeChecked into their website in less than 30minutes and get immediate real-time verifications.

Operational savings

By replacing your existing manual systems with AgeChecked you will save valuable time and resources. Most people will be verified instantly, eliminating the need for lengthy and expensive paper based checks.

About AgeChecked

Headquartered in London, AgeChecked is a high-tech age verification solution company created to meet the needs of any organisation with online child protection as a business requirement. AgeChecked are global age verification specialists. We provide technological services to website operators worldwide, so they may ensure their customers are of an appropriate age to gain access to their products or services.

Globally, a wide range of products and services are restricted to certain age groups, either by legal requirement, or accepted practice. AgeChecked enables its customers to conduct their business compliantly and keep their customers safe.

About Zoey

Zoey combines the power and customization of an open source platform with the ease of use of a SaaS solution. With a drag-and-drop design editor, B2B/wholesale tools and flexible product management features, you’ll be up and running in no time with the most powerful features online! 14-day free trial available.

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