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Trellis is a full service eCommerce solution provider that specializes in implementing custom streamlined ecommerce websites utilizing the industry's most innovative and respected technology platforms. Our capabilities allow us to plan and design a solution that not only meets your specific goals and budget today, but will also scale with you as you grow. Once a site is launched, we stick side by side with our clients to help them improve the site and market the site to generate more customers through agile methodology.

Sample Work

Design: We design sites with a conversion first methodology, meaning we want to optimize the design to ensure the easiest path to discovery and purchase

Development: Given our deep history of Magento development (the core code behind Zoey) we are specially suited to be able to add features to your Zoey site that fulfill all of your hopes and dreams for the site today and the future.

Strategy: Every project will have a member of our senior leadership team involved driving the strategic direction of the project; this means that you can work with Trellis with the confidence knowing every project will have a minimum of a decade of experience behind your project. Our clients also enjoy the fact that our team comes from a diverse background such as consumer promotions and digital marketing which they can advise Trellis clients. "

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