Amasty launches first apps on Zoey App Store


We are pleased to announce the availability of Amasty apps for the first time on the Zoey app store. Amasty, one of the premier extension developers for Magento, is now making available two commonly-requested features for Zoey as apps, making such capabilities available to all customers on the platform.

Out of Stock Notifications

With this app, customers can subscribe to be notified when a product is back in stock. For merchants, they get valuable information on what products customers are requesting, so they know the popularity and interest. You can better manage your inventory and pricing by seeing where the demand lies for the merchandise you sell.

Subscriptions are even possible for out of stock items within a configurable product, which ensures that if a customer’s seeking a certain variation of the product (say a certain T-shirt size, or a color of a product that’s currently unavailable), you will know exactly which item they’re looking for.

Pricing for the Out of Stock notification app is $14/month. Click here to learn more or purchase the app.

Product Parts Finder

If you sell products that relate to certain other things, such as an automobile, the need to be able to help customers find the right item by declaring a make, model and year become paramount. With the product parts finder, you can set up the parameters and provide searchable criteria that make it easier for customers to drill down in your catalog.

You can limit the display of the product parts finder to only show when eligible products are displayed, avoiding confusion from customers. You can have multiple finders, great for customers selling in categories like electronics where you may have cell phones or digital cameras, each with their own criteria. You can even redirect customers directly to a product page if the selections made yields only one choice.

The Product Parts Finder app can be purchased for $19/month. Click here to learn more or purchase the app.

Please share your feedback for both apps by providing a review of them on our app store. Let us know what you think, and if there are other Amasty apps you’re looking for, click here to share with us which ones you’d like to see, so we can review with Amasty as we continue to work together.

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