Android Version of Zoey Mobile App Now Available

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Since Zoey’s release of an iOS app last year, we’ve been getting regular queries about the status of the Android app. We’re pleased to announce that the Android version is now available on the Google Play store.

The Android version contains all the same core features as the iPhone/iPad version, ensuring that your team can truly use Zoey wherever they are, with whichever OS they use for their devices.

Core capabilities include:

  • Review product information: The app makes it easy to grab various pieces of information about a product, including saved attribute information, that can help a buyer while you’re working with them.
  • Look up customer information, customer-specific pricing and more: All your core Zoey data related to your customers can be found in the app, including what pricing they qualify for, and any other customer-specific critical information.
  • Create customers, orders and sales quotes: You can create new customers, select their customer group for pricing. You can generate orders and sales quotes for any customer in your database, including ones you create on the fly while working.
  • Work offline when internet access is unavailable: A key capability is the ability to work even when connectivity isn’t present. The mobile app’s caching allows you to access data from your most recent sync so you can still work with your customers while on the go.
  • Sync orders to Zoey/product and customer information to your app: When Internet is reliable, you can download catalog and customer updates to your app, and submit orders taken while offline back to Zoey.
  • Account and Locations support: Zoey’s Account structure, with multiple buyers and locations, can be accurately leveraged with the app, just like self-service buyers on the Zoey Web.
  • Net terms (Buy Now Pay Later) capabilities: A customer’s credit limit and Net Terms information can be validated, and orders built to respect any limits that are in place, to ensure any rules set for that customers are honored.
  • Draft carts (save carts for later order completion): When you have to put down an order for the moment and move on to something else, you can save a draft cart for later access, allowing you to complete orders when the time is right.

The Zoey Mobile App is an included feature on certain plans, and the Android version can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. Click the button below to download and explore the new app:

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