Every FedEx & UPS overnight, ground, and international shipment has a 100% money-back-guarantee if arriving late, even by 60 seconds. It’s time to start holding your shipping carrier accountable for service failures.  

In order to receive your refund, you must file a claim, which is time consuming and complex. 71lbs and our team identify and claim your due refunds, allowing you to focus on your business and not waste valuable resources. All found refunds are credited directly to your FedEx and/or UPS account. Then 71lbs bills you for half of the collected refunds. No start-up or monthly maintenance fee is necessary.

Start claiming your refunds and optimize your shipping spend!


Top Features

Refunds Credited Directly to Your FedEx/UPS Accounts
71lbs identifies and claims the refunds that your business is entitled to (including deliveries late by 60 seconds) without requiring your business to dedicate the time and resources.

Reporting Equates to Insights & Savings You Can See
Your customer dashboard allows you to review the activity of your shipping accounts in one place.

Automated Process that Allows You to Focus on Your Business
Our process automatically audits and processes claims on your behalf.

Personalized Support to Optimize Your Spend
You receive a team dedicated to identifying and claiming your shipping refund opportunities.

Risk Free
No contracts or monthly fees necessary. The service is 100% contingency based.

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