Cart2Cart: Zoey Migration


Cart2Cart: Zoey Migration is a unique plugin that has all the necessary functionality to transfer store data (products, customers, order history and other related elements) from 85+ eCommerce platforms to Zoey totally automatedly. Utilizing this plugin allows you to perform a fully-scaled Zoey migration in just a few mouse clicks, and what’s more – without any impact on your current online store.

Advantages of Cart2Cart

The Cart2Cart: Zoey Migration plugin allows e-merchants to:

  • Lower the time needed for data transfer.
  • Decrease the risk of migration-related errors.
  • Avoid putting e-business on hold.
  • Reduce migration costs.

List of data elements that can be migrated to Zoey with Cart2Cart: Zoey Migration plugin:

  • Products, product images, related products, product tags, product variants, product categories,
  • Manufacturers, manufacturer images,
  • Customers, orders, coupons,
  • Reviews, blogs/blog posts,
  • Multiple languages, multi-currency, CMS pages, etc.

Additional migration options to improve the migration to Zoey:

  • Migrate images from products descriptions, categories descriptions and blog posts descriptions,
  • Preserve order/customer/category/product IDs on Zoey store,
  • Create 301 redirects on Zoey after migration,
  • Migrate invoices and shipments to Zoey, etc.


The minimum rate of the migration with the Cart2Cart: Zoey Migration plugin is $29. However, the final cost of the migration greatly depends on the number of entities that need to be transferred to Zoey. Those store owners willing to calculate the exact cost of the migration can benefit from the Migration Estimator.

The App on this listing can be installed for free, but migration requires a fee, based on the pricing listed above. Contact Cart2Cart with any questions about migrations or pricing.

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