Get your abandoning shoppers back to your site & through the checkout line with CartStack’s automated sales recovery software.

Multi-Channel Recovery Campaigns like cart & browse abandonment emails, SMS text message reminders, and push notifications are perfectly timed & personalized to help you recover around 20% of lost sales. 

On-site Retargeting Campaigns use exit intent technology & real-time form field tracking to capture more leads and boost your conversion rate.

Other features include A/B split testing, real-time abandonment notifications, enriched contact reports, form autofill, product recommendations, a Zapier connection and more!

Ready to stop letting your sales slip through the cracks? Sign up for a free 14 day trial, and you’ll recover a minimum of $1,000 in lost sales just for trying CartStack out! Integration with your Zoey takes only minutes. 

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Revenue Recovery Features

Cart Abandonment Email Campaigns

Remarket to your highest-intent customers directly in their inbox with automated & super-personalized abandoned cart emails. A/B split test email content to find the perfect messaging, and even recommend similar products for quick upsells & cross-selling. 

Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns

Send reminders to your window shoppers to encourage reengagement with your brand & generate sales from website visitors who don’t add anything to their shopping cart. 

SMS Text Reminder Campaigns

Complement your abandoned cart emails with gentle text reminders sent directly to your abandoners’ cell inbox for quick & easy engagement. SMS reminders are unignorable, and the best way to stand out from the email inbox .

Web Push Notifications

Build a pool of cookied, engaged shoppers that actually want to hear from you! These clickable reminders reengage your visitors where they spend the most time – Browsing on their cell phone or desktop. No need to worry about GDPR compliance, open rate, bounces or spam filters! Plus, you can target both abandoned carts & window shoppers separately with unique messaging to encourage reengagement at any stage of the buyer journey. 

Exit Intent Popups

The instant a shopper shows signs of trying to leave your site, you can abruptly display a popup with an enticing offer, newsletter subscription, contest, discount incentives to disrupt their exit and/or drive leads for your email campaigns. 

“Send My Cart”

Give shoppers a simple way to save their cart for later, instead of abandoning it! Our exit intent technology monitors your visitors, and offers them a simple alternative to abandoning their cart: An email reminder containing the products they’re interested in.


Zapier lets you easily connect CartStack to your other marketing tools for automated contact, data & workflow management!

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