Core Commissions


Simplify sales commission, bonus, and other variable compensation management with Core Commissions. Our application fully automates every step of the process from importing data and calculating commissions to generating individualized reports and emailing every payee with the click of a button.


Commission Plan Rules Building
  • Industry-leading rules module with proprietary “Building Block” method to build complex rules
  • Pay different groups at different cycles
  • Sales hierarchical override payments with overwrite management
  • Advanced tools for easy setup of tiers, splits, overrides, draws, floors, adjustments, and more
  • Dedicated implementer to provide live support
  • Data export in multiple formats, including .xls, .csv, .pdf, and more
  • Unlimited payment cycles and data sources
  • Single-click processing for even the most complex plans
  • Bulk report email distribution: send multiple individualized reports to all sales reps in one click
  • Multiple commission cycles running at different intervals
  • Web reporting portal for sales reps and agents
  • Advanced drag-and-drop report and dashboard designer
  • Instant data trending with drag-and-drop analytics
  • Sales growth trend tracking across all aspects of the business
  • Automated eligibility tracking for multi-stage payments
  • Proprietary audit tool for drill down of steps and calculation results in one view
  • Payment cycle record locking for audit compliance
  • Easily configured admin and support levels
  • Review and approval workflow processes
  • Multi-currency management options
  • Unlimited what-if sandbox modelers for analysis and comparisons
  • Integration with all major CRMs, ERPs, and business applications
  • Dispute management capabilities

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