With Fundbox net terms, you can offer your approved B2B customers flexible net terms and get paid right away while eliminating credit risk and accounts receivable overhead. All within the Zoey checkout experience.

Reduce Risk and Increase Sales

Offer your customers net terms without the risk of credit card compromise. You get paid right away, while your customers can buy now and pay later. 

Install in a Few Clicks

Just follow some easy steps and Fundbox will appear as a payment option in your checkout experience.

Choose Your Terms 

Our flexible terms put you in control. Net 30, 60 or 90: it’s your choice, just contact us.

Keep it Simple

Your customers can apply inside checkout in minutes and get a credit decision quickly.

NOTE: The Fundbox app is free, but requires an account with Fundbox. To sign up for Fundbox, click here.


Credit limits up to $100,000

Approved customers can qualify for up to $100,000 in credit through Fundbox.


You can authorize a purchase before money changes hands. Credit from your customer’s Fundbox account will be earmarked until the transaction is complete. You don’t pay any fees until the transaction is complete.

Omnichannel Transactions

While Fundbox works seamlessly within Zoey, it also works if you transact through invoicing. If your customer is approved for Fundbox Credit, they can use it to pay you however you choose to transact.

Guaranteed Payments

When your customer pays you using Fundbox, you will receive the money, every time.

No Hidden Fees

You pay between a 0.5% – 2.9% fee for each transaction. Nothing else.

Seamless Buyer Onboarding

Your customers can apply for Fundbox in minutes and get a credit decision in as little as 3 minutes. And they can do it all without ever leaving your checkout experience.

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