Google Customer Reviews


Google Trusted Stores has been replaced by

Google Customer Reviews

Go to Google Merchant Center to manage your new Google Customer Reviews account.

Like Google Trusted Stores, Google Customer Reviews will offer a survey opt-in that allows your customers to provide high-quality feedback about their shopping experience on your site. However, the new program will not offer purchase protection. We’ve made this change to help us better focus our support on getting you quality reviews and seller ratings, the 2 major keys to driving more traffic to your site.

In addition to remaining a free service, most other program features will stay the same:

Feature Google Customer Reviews Google Trusted Stores
Customer purchase protection No Yes
Seller ratings on Google Yes Yes
Customer reviews on your site Yes Yes
Program badge on your site Yes Yes
Review extensions No Yes


  • Collect valuable customer reviews and qualify for seller ratings that show up on your search ads and Google Shopping
  • Better customize the way the Google badge and opt-in appear on your site 
  • Spend less time maintaining your account
  • Get more insight into your seller rating

Note: Adding a badge to your site is optional


There are 4 main components to the Google Customer Review program including:

Reviews opt-in:

  • An offer that appears to all customers after checkout. Users who opt-in may receive an email from Google Customer Reviews asking them to rate their experience with your store.

Reviews badge:

  • A badge on your site that helps users easily identify your site with the Google brand. The badge displays the seller rating score of 1-5 stars and can be placed on any page on your site.

Reviews survey:

  • The survey is an optional, brief questionnaire that enables customers to rate their purchase experiences with your site.

Seller ratings:

  • An aggregate score that appears on search ads and Google Shopping, as well on Google Customer Reviews badges.

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