Ontraport Integration with Zoey


The Zoey Ontraport Integration connects your Zoey quotes and orders to the Ontraport CRM platform. (Note: Contact an Ontraport Representative to enable the fields you will need)

To use this integration, you must also have a subscription to the Zoey Ontraport Integration from Mage HD. Click here to initiate a conversation with Mage HD.


  • Adds new customers to Ontraport including Full name, and default address
  • Adds new quotes to Ontraport as an Ontraport Project.
  • When an order is created based on the quote, the Ontraport project is updated with the order information.
  • The integration will update an Ontraport project status based on the Zoey quote status. Completed quotes will be set as Quotes. Quotes that are converted to an order will be set as “Ordered”, Orders with a new shipment will set the Ontraport status as “Delivered”. A canceled order will be set in Ontraport as “Canceled”.
  • Shipping updates are automatically submitted to Ontraport once a carrier and tracking number is added to the Zoey Order.

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