• Easy implementation – even for non-developers
  • Fully customizable goal tracking
  • Test multiple changes to your store, maximizing the return on your time spent testing 

Want to optimize the performance of specific pages on your store? With Optimizely, merchants can A|B test different variations of their pages without involving developers or knowing how to code. Their custom goal tracking allows you to measure the clicks, purchases, signups and actions that matter most to your business, ensuring that you’re always improving the conversion rate of your store. Once you know which version of your page is performing best, Optimizely will show that page to 100% of your traffic until a developer (or you) have the time to make those changes to your live site.

Top Features

  • Optimizely’s proprietary statistical engine aligns with the way businesses operate online
  • Basic and custom visitor segmentation
  • Custom reporting and goal tracking
  • Annotate reports with your notes and insights
  • Target tests based on browser type, referrer URL, traffic source, new vs. returning visitors, IP address, and many other standard and custom parameters
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, KissMetrics, ClickTale, Adobe Analytics, BlueKai, Tealium, and more
  • Run multiple projects and tests from one account
  • Preview changes before pushing your experiment live
  • Build your tests with a drag-and-drop editor that doesn’t require knowing HTML, CSS or JavaScript

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