With Ordoro, you get shipping, inventory, and everything in between.

We act as your central hub or shipping and inventory, accelerating your fulfillment workflow and helping you manage orders and product across your entire multichannel business.

Multichannel Inventory Management

Integrate your sales channels with Ordoro to equip yourself with powerful inventory tools while also keeping your inventory aligned and organized.

  • Automatically sync inventory volume throughout every connected channel
  • Utilize our kitting feature to bundle multiple SKUs into a single product for sale
  • Send purchase orders (POs) to your suppliers through the app when it’s time to resupply
  • Keep tabs on your inventory stored with a 3PL by integrating it with Ordoro

Shipping Management

Tap our shipping features, integrations with leading shipping carriers, and discounted rates to efficiently get your orders from A to B.

  • Ship all of your orders, regardless of the channel they’re made, in one place
  • Speed up your workflow with our Automation Rules and Shipping Presets
  • Print shipping labels with complete ease, whether in batches or on an individual basis
  • Lower shipping costs with our discounted rates of up to 67% via USPS
  • Ship with any of our many integrated carriers, like USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, and DHL International
  • Track every order as it makes its way to the customer


If you have a more hands-off outlook toward shipping, enjoy a similar approach with our automated dropshipping capabilities.

  • Assign dropshipped products to their appropriate dropshippers
  • Automatically or manually send ready-to-be-fulfilled orders to those dropshippers
  • Make use of our Vendor Portal, which cuts down on the back and forth by allowing your vendors to log in, get all of the order information they need, and fulfill orders on their own

Advanced Analytics

By integrating each of your channels — whether they’re sales or supply-side — Ordoro is able to collect loads of multichannel insights on your business.

  • Dig into data on a variety of metrics, like shipping efficiency or revenue vs. costs
  • Discover top customers, regions, and products
  • Measure the effectiveness of your partners by analyzing carrier costs, dropshipper efficiency, and more
  • Segment data by channel if need be

Open API

Our API allows you to plug custom-built and not-yet-integrated channels into Ordoro so they can share in the multichannel magic.

  • Tinker with our open API to integrate any and all channels that you please, from custom-made carts to fresh-on-the-market marketplaces
  • Streamline workflows with your 3PLs, dropshippers, or accountants by connecting them to Ordoro via the API

Stellar Support

Last but far from least, our rockstar, highly-praised customer support team is always at-the-ready, hoping to help you get the most value from the app.

To connect your Zoey store with Ordoro, please see read this article Zoey’s Knowledge Base: http://support.zoey.com/v1.0/docs/ordoro

Top Features

  • Bring all of your shopping carts, marketplaces, and shipping accounts together in a single app
  • Features like Automation Rules, Shipping Presets, and Direct-to-Printer speed up the process of printing labels
  • Handle inventory in whatever way you see fit through auto-sync, product kitting, UPC barcodes, and purchase orders

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