Post Affiliate Pro


  • Easily launch and manage affiliate programs, even if you’re new to affiliate marketing
  • Extensive tracking and reporting tools ensure that you have a clear picture of all your affiliate activities
  • Post Affiliate Pro can scale to any size business through support for unlimited affiliates, campaigns and domains

Want to manage your affiliate programs more efficiently? Post Affiliate Pro is a complete software solution for launching and managing basic or complex affiliate marketing programs. It allows you to automate recruiting and managing affiliates, distributing marketing and promotional tools to affiliates, and tracking affiliate referrals, commissions, payouts and much more.

Top Features

  • Multilingual support for 16 languages
  • Support for pre-designed and custom themes based on your business’ brand
  • Customizable affiliate interface to match your brand
  • Create multiple merchant user accounts within the same affiliate program
  • Mass payout of affiliates
  • Completely control your multilevel marketing program design
  • Define and track an unlimited number of campaigns
  • Reward higher selling affiliates with performance rewards
  • Segment affiliates into groups and set different commissions for each segment
  • Track an unlimited number of actions in your store and payout commissions for the actions most relevant to your business
  • Set special commissions for recurring payments like subscriptions and memberships
  • Set private campaigns, which are visible only to selected affiliates
  • Supports 12 banner types including Image, Link, HTML, and Flash banners
  • Control over affiliate link format
  • Support for split commissions
  • Direct link click tracking
  • Fraud protection
  • Track sales in multiple currencies and convert them to your default currency
  • Lifetime commissions allows an affiliate who refers a customer to receive commissions for all future purchases by that customer
  • Allow affiliates to track their sales using their own customized tracking systems
  • Support for SubID and ad channel tracking
  • Variety of reporting options like trends report, top affiliates report, top URLs report, map overlay report and many more

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