REES46 eCommerce Marketing Suite


REES46 is an all-in-one marketing suite that can be applied to an e-commerce store of any size, demographic, or niche. Once set up, you can manage several tools from a single dashboard that will make your basic marketing processes easier to manage and follow up. Using REES46 you can easily: 

  • Acquire more visitors using our advertising platform with extremely precise targeting.
  • Convert your visitors into customers using personalized product recommendations and personalized search. 
  • Recover abandoned carts using triggered emails, web push notifications and remarketing. 
  • Induce repeat purchases through digest emails and push notifications with individual selections of recommended products. 
  • Gain customer feedback, product and store reviews to improve your store credibility and merchant reputation. 

REES46 niche solutions 

Selling products in different niches requires different approaches, i.e. product recommendations should consider changes in parameters. REES46 developed unique algorithms for each niche: 

  • Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics 
  • Apparel & Accessories 
  • Cosmetics & Beauty Products 
  • Baby & Children Products 
  • Pet Products 
  • FMCG 
  • Construction & Repair 
  • Auto Products 
  • Jewelry 

Trigger emails 

Use REES46 to make digest mailings and include personalized product selections for every customer. CTR is 18%. 

Subscription form 

Get your customers contact details for triggered and digest mailings. More than 10% of visitors leave their emails to get personalized offerings. 

Search personalization 

Using REES46 you can easily: 

  • Personalize the autocomplete, putting best offers higher 
  • Personalize the results of search 
  • Personalize the page with empty search result 
  • Trigger web push notifications 

Get Your Customers Back

 Enable 5 trigger web push notifications with 5 clicks: 

  • Abandoned cart
  • Abandonded cart reminder
  • Most interesting this month
  • Regular purchase reminder
  • Product available
  • Price Drop
  • Instant web push notifications

Abandoned carts remarketing 

Return customers dropped their carts using display ads on their most-visited websites and social networks, remarketing emails and web push notifications. Your pay just for completed orders. Not for clicks or views. 

Get feedback about products and orders 

Turn customer reviews and feedback into sales tool. Listen to your customers and let them share their experience. Work with negative feedback and encourage positive reviews. 
REES46 helps add reviews to your website and turn it into a trust-network. 61% of all customers base their purchase decision on product and sellers reviews. Let them be on your side. Use REES46 to get the immediate feedback and reviews. The feedback forms are built in to the trigger emails.

Integration & Price

More details about the integration and pricing are available at REES46 support center and pricing page

Top Features

  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Trigger emails
  • Digest emails with personalized product recommendations
  • Trigger web push notifications and digests
  • Special offers subscriptions form
  • Feedback getting forms
  • Search personalization
  • Customer analytics
  • Advertising analytics
  • Product analytics
  • Abandoned cart remarketing
  • Media advertising with exact customer segmentatio
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