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Rekko is an all-in-one, omnichannel marketing platform. From automated A/B testing, content delivery, robust segmentation, and email marketing, which includes Charley, our email marketing services, you get everything you need to increase conversions and customer lifetime value under one hood.


  • Manual A/B Testing
  • Automated A/B Testing - Rekko will find the best performing creative for you
  • Marketing Widgets including Toolbar, Expanding Banner, and Interstitials
  • E-commerce Grids for Top Selling Products and Product Recommendations
  • Robust profiling system to segment visitors onsite and via email
  • Transactional Triggered Emails and Automailer Email Campaigns
  • Real-Time Reporting including a Facebook-like Feed to View Visitor Actions
  • Detailed Visitor Reporting
  • Complete Integration with Charley, Rekko's Email Marketing Service
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