Rekko is an all-in-one, omnichannel marketing platform. From automated A/B testing, content delivery, robust segmentation, and email marketing, which includes Charley, our email marketing services, you get everything you need to increase conversions and customer lifetime value under one hood.

Top Features

  • Manual A/B Testing
  • Automated A/B Testing - Rekko will find the best performing creative for you
  • Marketing Widgets including Toolbar, Expanding Banner, and Interstitials
  • E-commerce Grids for Top Selling Products and Product Recommendations
  • Robust profiling system to segment visitors onsite and via email
  • Transactional Triggered Emails and Automailer Email Campaigns
  • Real-Time Reporting including a Facebook-like Feed to View Visitor Actions
  • Detailed Visitor Reporting
  • Complete Integration with Charley, Rekko's Email Marketing Service
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