Starshipit simplifies and automates the process of fulfilling on- and offline orders with live rates, labels, branded tracking and more.

Improve and streamline your customers’ purchasing experience with accurate postage rates, auto correct and populate fields, delivery option selection and supports multiple carriers.

Automate every step in the dispatch process to reduce errors, time and costs.

During dispatch

Automate every step in the dispatch process and reduce errors, time and cost

  • Supports Multiple Channels
  • Supports Multiple carriers incl International and Domestic
  • Imports orders automatically with write-back
  • Generates Labels automatically (with bulk printing)
  • Creates picking slips, manifests & customs documentation automatically
  • Books courier pick up
  • Corrects Addresses automatically
  • Enables Drop shipping, Ship from store, and Multi-location shipping

… all from within the admin section of your eCommerce platform

Serving & engaging customers

Communicate with your customers with customized emails/SMS and a branded tracking page!

  • Customizable Text/SMS and email tracking notifications
  • Branded tracking page – your voice, your chance to upsell
  • Optional return courier label generator

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