Stockist Store Locator


Stockist Store Locator makes it easy to add a searchable store or dealer locator to any page on your Zoey site. It installs in minutes with no coding experience needed – just drag-and-drop in your Zoey site editor.

You can list your retailers, distributors, or partners on a map so that visitors can quickly find what’s closest to them. Plus, our insightful search analytics feature will show you exactly where your customers are looking.

NOTE: Along with the Stockist Zoey App, you will need a Stockist subscription. Click here to sign up.


Get started easily: 

  • Drag-and-drop in your Zoey editor to add a store locator to any page 
  • Add stores via our simple dashboard or bulk import a spreadsheet 
  • Improve your offline conversions in just a few minutes 

See actionable analytics data: 

  • See a global heatmap of where visitors are looking for your products 
  • Discover untapped markets and focus your distribution efforts 
  • Download detailed search records to analyze in Excel or your favorite tool 

Match your site’s style: 

  • Choose a custom map theme from our library of 1,000+ styles 
  • Add crisp custom icons with full Retina support 
  • Match the color scheme to your brand 
  • Choose from several layouts 
  • Translate or customize the text to fit your brand’s voice 
  • Mobile-friendly with native apps for phone calls and driving directions 
  • Supports custom CSS styling for advanced users 

Plus, all our plans have the features you need: 

  • Add locations around the globe 
  • Automatic geolocation shows results without any typing 
  • Add unlimited custom fields to each store (e.g. opening hours, fax number, etc.) 
  • Add unlimited searchable tags/filters which visitors can use to find specific stores 
  • Show a logo or image for each store 
  • Drag & drop map pins to adjust the location 
  • Control map positioning, address suggestions, geolocation settings, and more 
  • Works with any site platform – show your locator on your blog or partner pages

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