Vesta automates the process of on-boarding vendor product data and getting it into the right format to load directly into your Zoey site.

With Vesta, eliminate up to 90% of the manual labor in online store maintenance, allowing you to list more products in your online store and keep them updated over time.

Vesta do this through setting up automated workflows to collect product data from vendors, normalizing and transforming the data based on custom rules and then connecting the data straight to your PIM or Zoey store.

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Vendor data on-boarding from any source

  • Vendor data portals
  • Vendor website scraping
  • Extraction of vendor data from FTP

Transformation of product data and assets into the right format for your store

  • Categorization
  • Parent/Child relationships
  • Standardize measurements
  • Resize and compress images
  • Add, remove or combine words to create attributes

Update listings with vendor data updates over time

  • Keep pricing accurate on your store
  • Update inventory
  • Identify and unpublish discontinued products
  • Add new products

Centralized platform to access and manage product data and assets

  • Edit and enrich product information
  • Hold two options for product attributes eg product description
  • Vendor version and your own enriched version. Choose which will publish to your store

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