WebShopApps Premium MatrixRate


  • Enjoy fine-grained control over shipping rates with powerful customization rules
  • Spend less time entering and updating shipping rates and more time building your business
  • Access high-quality customer support at no extra charge

Want even more control over your shipping rates? Premium MatrixRate builds on WebShopApps’ free MatrixRate app to offer you advanced shipping rate customization features. Like MatrixRate, Premium MatrixRate allows you to offer varied shipping options based on destination, but you can further customize rates based on any combination of price, quantity and weight. In addition to these powerful customizations, this app offers features that cut down on your administrative work and it comes with a complimentary bronze support package.

Top Features

  • Set the order in which rates are displayed
  • Set rates by destination, subtotal, quantity and cart weight – or any combination of these factors – simultaneously
  • Specify an extra rate per unit of weight, or per additional item
  • Calculate and set rates according to the volume of a shipment
  • Intelligent support for UK and Canada postcodes
  • Filter based on tax inclusive/exclusive subtotal and discounted subtotal
  • Specify multiple countries on one CSV line to significantly reduce length and complexity
  • Specify multiple regions and/or postcodes on one CSV line

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