WebShopApps Product Rate


Key Benefits

  • Easily control shipping rates on a product-by-product basis
  • Seamlessly control how shipping is calculated on multiple items with a flat rate or percentage surcharge

Want to customize shipping rates on a product-by-product basis? WebShopApps’ Product Rate app allows you to customize shipping rates for each individual product sold through your Zoey store. Just enter the desired shipping rates in your Zoey Control Panel, and Product Rate will calculate the full shipping charge when customers checkout.


  • Assign flat shipping rates for each product listing
  • Include a flat or percentage surcharge when a customer adds more than one of a certain item to their cart
  • Specify a maximum shipping charge
  • Add shipping rates together when different items are in the same cart
  • Charge the higher shipping rate when different items are in the same cart
  • Set a default shipping rate
  • Supports all Magento product types including Configurable and Bundle products

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