Zoey To ZohoBooks Connector


Maintaining books of accounts can be really painful for eCommerce business. Creating these manual entries takes lot of time and error prone. KloudConnectors make this job easy for business owners and all the orders, customers and items are created automagically in your accounting system – Zoho Books. ZohoBooks is one of the most promising accounting system in the world today.


Top Features

  • Syncs Orders, Customers and Items from Zoey to ZohoBooks
  • Connectors allows unlimited order, customers and items syncs
  • Can schedule automatic Sync once and connector takes care of the rest
  • Sync happens every 12 hours or in emergencies you can sync on demand (we call this SYNC NOW)
  • Sync frequency can be increased further at additional cost
  • Connector Dashboard shows Sync Details, Sync Errors, Next Sync Timing

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