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One of the biggest challenges merchants face is maximizing their sales opportunity with the visitors that find their store. Once you have them at your shop, how do you take the proper steps to ensure you entice them to complete the purchase or come back if they opt to leave? That’s where CartStack comes in.

CartStack, compatible with Zoey, offers a suite of automated sales recovery tools that are designed to drive customers back to your store and complete their purchases. They also help confirm areas of opportunity by offering abandoned session replays and A/B testing tools.

Key Features

CartStack’s tool set offers a variety of capabilities to enhance your eCommerce store’s data collection and insights:

  • Cart Abandonment Email Campaigns: Remarket to your highest-intent customers directly in their inbox with automated & super-personalized abandoned cart emails. A/B split test email content to find the perfect messaging, and even recommend similar products for quick upsells & cross-selling.
  • Browse Abandonment Email Campaigns: Send reminders to your window shoppers to encourage re-engagement with your brand & generate sales from website visitors who don’t add anything to their shopping cart.
  • Exit Intent Popups: The instant a shopper shows signs of trying to leave your site, you can abruptly display a popup with an enticing offer, newsletter subscription, contest, discount incentives to disrupt their exit and/or drive leads for your email campaigns.
  • “Send My Cart”: Give shoppers a simple way to save their cart for later, instead of abandoning it! Our exit intent technology monitors your visitors, and offers them a simple alternative to abandoning their cart: An email reminder containing the products they’re interested in.
  • Webhooks: CartStack sits in the background and captures email addresses (like an invisible leadgen machine), why not export those contacts for use in future marketing campaigns?



CartStack helps you also review how various initiatives are working out, showing you which sales can directly be attributed back to their sales recovery solutions. They offer other data opportunities to help you evaluate where problems are occurring and how to resolve them:

  • Real-Time Notifications: Immediately receive enriched contact reports on your abandoners, including contact information, links to social profiles and known organizations, and the items your shoppers abandoned.
  • Abandoned Session Replays: Review visitor behavior to pinpoint conversion leaks, identify technical issues with your site  and make improvements to your checkout flow to impact your overall conversion.

Get Started

CartStack is so confident they will be a key portion of your marketing toolkit, they’ll help you recover at least $1,000 of sales for free to prove to you their capabilities. Their easy integration steps work well with Zoey’s Visual Design Editor for easy setup and installation. Click the button below to find out more and to begin leveraging CartStack.

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