Maintain a Strong Customer Relationship Through eCommerce

Your eCommerce store is how many of your customers will primarily interact with your brand. Make sure your site can keep up by using Zoey.

Tools to Enable Success for Customer Service

Personalized Store

You can provide a customized store experience by assigning customers to groups and showing them catalog, pricing and even content targeted directly at that group of customers.

Prompt Assistance

Through the Zoey administration area you can create orders and quotes, update account information, leave comments and more, all of which customers can see when they log in.

Manage Communication

You can configure emails, PDFs and more to match how you wish to manage communications with your customers. Ensure your Zoey store matches your company’s preferences.

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Easy Customer Support Capabilities

Zoey’s administration area makes it easy to assist customers if they email or call in. You can manage their profile, with the same settings and capabilities they can access in the My Account section. You can generate an order, or produce a quote for approval. You can also provide customers updates and comments on existing orders, and alert them that something has been posted about an order.

Individualized Shopping Experience

Zoey’s sales, coupon and promotion engine is a flexible system that allows for creative generation of promotions that can be triggered either through a coupon code or automatically when certain situations occur, such as quantity count, cart size or other criteria. Additional capabilities allow for free shipping, which can be set by customer group to allow different milestones for different types of B2B customers.

Connect with your customers easily

Zoey offers a broad set of configurations to manage how you communicate with customers about orders, shipping, quotes and more. You can customize your emails to be branded and fit your customer service style, as well as opt to provide downloadable PDFs for many of the same areas. Zoey supports many of the popular chat software services, which allow you to embed a chat box onto your site. And our newsletter capabilities let you capture emails to communicate with current and prospective customers.

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