Simple B2B eCommerce Marketing Management

Marketing Managers can easily maintain your eCommerce store and marketing tools thanks to Zoey’s best-in-class tools.

Tools to Enable Success for Marketers

Simple Site Updates

Zoey’s Visual Design Editor makes maintaining your website a breeze. Fonts, colors, graphics, promotional banners, email capture – everything is quick and supported natively.

Powerful Promo Engine

Devise and execute all sorts of marketing promotions (BOGO, discounting, free shipping, etc.) with Zoey’s powerful engine. Create scenarios and implement within minutes.

Monitor Promotions Analytics, Zoey’s data partner, can track eCommerce campaigns and provide key insights into improvements. It integrates seamlessly into tools like MailChimp.

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Manage Your Brand

Zoey’s Visual Design Editor gives marketers unparalleled control over your eCommerce design without needing to know code. Set brand standards such as fonts and colors universally across your store, with changes reflecting across the site instantly.

Work with Customers Onsite

Zoey’s sales, coupon and promotion engine is a flexible system that allows for creative generation of promotions that can be triggered either through a coupon code or automatically when certain situations occur, such as quantity count, cart size or other criteria. Additional capabilities allow for free shipping, which can be set by customer group to allow different milestones for different types of B2B customers.

Build your list

Zoey has built in newsletter capture and management tools to help you attract and build your lists, including pop-up capabilities and banners that can be embedded directly into your pages using the Visual Design Editor.

Gather insights

Zoey’s integration with Analytics offers clear insights into your customers, products and orders. See who’s your most loyal customers, find out with promotions are working and figure out what products pair well together to maximize your sales. Plus, Glew can segment customers and export them into Email Service Providers such as MailChimp to better target customers with the right marketing messages.

Leverage Many Tools

Zoey’s app store features a number of pre-integrated marketing options for offering recommended products, connecting to Email Service Providers and tracking campaigns. The Asset Manager in the Visual Design Editor, along with the HTML block capability, opens up compatibility with many other solutions, just by pasting in a small code snippet that they provide to embed and track campaigns. Zoey makes it easy to leverage many popular marketing tools!

Updates in seconds

Implement new promo banners, slides and other marketing assets easily within the Visual Design Editor. Merchandise products with banners that denote new and sale items. Display content like blog posts, store locations and more.

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