Empower Salespeople for Efficient B2B Sales

Zoey lets your salespeople work in person or remotely with your customers, with tools that make generating sales easy.

Tools to Enable Success for Salespeople

Generate Quotes

Generate quotes while in a store with customers, or send a quote to a buyer from the office for immediate approval and purchase.

Easy Admin Area

Salespeople can easily create orders and quotes within Zoey’s administration area, with the ability to track their sales.

Accurate Reporting

Salespeople can see how many sales they’ve made, and how much revenue generated, to ease commission calculations.

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Track Orders by Salesperson

Zoey has the ability to track which salesperson is responsible for each order, making it easy to run reports that let you calculate commissions based on orders and sales. The data is maintained directly in Zoey, and can be transferred to other systems by Zoey’s APIs.

Work with Customers Onsite

Our tablet-optimized quotes engine can allow for on-the-fly creation of draft orders with buyers directly in their office or store – no need to fill out paperwork and enter later. Salespeople can travel light, while still being equipped to properly assist your customers.

Easy order, quote creation

Orders and quotes can be created directly from the Zoey admin by a salesperson, with the ability to quickly set up an order from a customer when calls or emails requesting a purchase come in. Customers can see orders placed by salespeople in their My Account section and get alerts as to the progress of the order, just as if they bought on their own.

Segmented Data for Each Salesperson

Many salespeople have an individual book of business that they manage. Zoey helps keep them focused on their own clients by offering a client filter per admin staff account. This allows a salesperson’s view to be configured to only see the customers or customers groups for which they’re responsible, and the others placed by them. This feature is available exclusively on our Advanced plan.

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