Fulfill eCommerce Orders Easily with Zoey

An order being placed is just step one. Our tools, and integrations to additional tools, will make your job easy for getting customers what they purchased.

Tools to Enable Success for Fulfillment

Organize Orders

Easily see which orders are in progress and are completed, and which orders your team has already reviewed.

Prompt Assistance

Through the Zoey admin you can update account information, leave comments, share shipping info and more, all of which customers can see when they log in.

Manage Communication

You can configure emails, PDFs and more to match how you wish to manage communications with your customers as an order is fulfilled.

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Capture the Info You Need

Order attributes let you request the information you need at the time of order, and can be customized by customer group to ensure you can fulfill the order easily. Attribute examples include:

  • Special instructions
  • Date to ship the order
  • PDF documentation
  • Order ID number

Create any attribute you need!


Most businesses rely on more than one system to manage their businesses and their data, especially when it comes to order fulfillment. Zoey’s pre-built app library, along with its APIs, make it easy to tie into a variety of systems, including:

  • Bulk shipment management
  • Vendors and warehouses for fulfillment and inventory management
  • ERP systems for order processing and record keeping
  • CRM systems for customer service
  • Accounting systems

Zoey integrates with many critical eCommerce fulfillment tools, including:


Make it Your Own

Zoey’s administration area is customizable, with tools to ensure that your eCommerce store meets your business rules and requirements:

  • Establish order status steps based on your fulfillment workflow.
  • Customize order screens to surface information when and where you need it, including the data shown on the grids.
  • Bulk export capabilities make it easy to grab data to put into another system, including customizing what’s included in the export.
  • Staff roles can be limited to seeing certain customers or customer groups, focusing their attention on the orders or groups that matter.

At a Glance Information

Zoey’s order management section provides key information at your fingertips:

  • Tabs separate orders by order state. See which orders are still in progress, including payment and shipping.
  • The Archive Order option lets you move orders that are no longer needed off to the side.
  • Bolded orders show you ones you have not reviewed, similar to email.
  • Our search capability can look across a variety of fields to quickly find the order or customer you need to locate.

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