Transform order capture & management with a B2B Order Portal

When your business requires a quick and simple ordering experience for regular customers, Zoey’s B2B Order Portal capabilities will help your customers get the job done, fast.

Simple, Effective Ways to Order Quickly


Enter SKUs and quantities quickly in one screen, or copy and paste from a CSV. Add items in bulk to a cart or quote for quick completion of orders and requests.


Customers can quickly locate items they’ve previously purchased for adding to a cart or quote. Great for customers who may not remember SKUs from an old order.


Zoey’s Table Category View allows for a simple, but easy to scan presentation of your catalog, without requiring customers to jump around.

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When you need a straightforward way to allow your customers to find your products and build a sizable order quickly, a B2C-style catalog is too time consuming to navigate. Our B2B Order Portal puts basic ordering functions and catalog browsing front and center, more akin to a printed catalog than an online lookbook, to make it easy and comfortable for your customers.


When customers need to evaluate additional information about your product at a glance, our Quick View feature shows additional details within the main category page. For complete details, a product page still exists, but many customers will get what they need without leaving your catalog categories.


Customers will have products they wish to order repeatedly, and as such a My Catalog view is provided for customers to save commonly ordered products. Products can be retained order to order, or be removed upon ordering, depending on your business needs. My Catalog can help customers have a bit of personalization on their B2B Order Portal access.


For customers who want an easy way to enter SKUs and quantities, Zoey’s Advanced Quick Order provides a streamlined way to do so. As a merchant you can offer prepopulated versions of the form for standard ordering scenarios, which pictures and other information displayed. Customers pasting from a CSV can also easily build an order.

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If a customer can’t remember exactly what they ordered before, the Ordered Items screen will show a customer the products they’ve purchased starting with the most recent. And like other screens, a customer can easily order in bulk off of this screen if everything they need is already displayed.


Allow customers to request pricing on an order by building a draft order and requesting a quote. You can reply with what their shipping and product costs would be. A customer can accept the quote and instantly convert it to an order by completing the transaction.

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For customers, a full complement of account management tools will let customers track orders, update billing or shipping addresses, and review previous orders directly from their login. For merchants, Zoey offers robust administration tools for managing products, orders, and even the design components of your site.


Zoey’s premium plans come with a robust analytics package that will give you insights as to which our your strongest customers and products, what ordering patterns are emerging and how to maximize your online sales. Analyze your shipping patterns and see where your shipping costs are being spent. If you run promotions, you can also see which offerings are most successful and which are costing you more money than they’re generating.

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