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If you’re like many merchants, there are elements of your business you review regularly, and others that you take a look at once in a while. Unfortunately for many merchants, payment processing is one that’s evaluated very rarely as a business evolves, and that can be costly for a variety of reasons.

As you grow, both you and your customers’ payment needs will change. The evolution of the tech-savvy shopper has resulted in the need for e-commerce businesses to offer an omni-channel solution that will provide customers with an accessible, integrated shopping experience.

Introducing CardConnect

We’re therefore excited to welcome CardConnect to the Zoey app store, and introduce them as one of our latest partners. CardConnect provides a single source payment solution that will allow you to streamline the way you do business. Merchants who sign up with CardConnect will gain access to features that will simplify and secure the payment acceptance process:

  • CardPointe, CardConnect’s omni-channel payment platform, allows you to easily accept and manage transactions from anywhere
  • Security features like point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization provide the ultimate data breach protection
  • Personalized customer support ensures quick and easy solutions to your questions and issues

Even better, CardConnect’s technology leverages ways to reduce transaction costs, so you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the lowest possible rate each time you process a payment.

How Merchants Can Benefit

Switching to CardConnect can yield immediate benefits for you and your customers:

  • Let customers save payment options for faster checkout, improving your conversion rate in the process
  • Minimize PCI scope and reduce your self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) to 26 questions, with the potential to eliminate the SAQ completely
  • Seamlessly manage transactions and access detailed reports
  • Allow customers to checkout with Apple Pay and other mobile services
  • Reduce your processing fees with competitive rates

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply click the button below to contact a CardConnect representative who will provide a free savings analysis and recommend a solution that’s perfect for your business.

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