Core Commissions Now Integrates with Zoey

Core Commissions logoIf you have a sales team and need to easily automate and manage commissions calculations, Core Commissions is for you. The latest technology to integrate into Zoey, Core Commissions can take the hassles out of managing that aspect of your sales teams, going hand in hand with Zoey’s tools for making selling easier via web and app.

Core Commissions features a strong array of capabilities to help both businesses and their sales team easily manage and understand the commissions process:

  • Core’s application fully automates every step of the commission management process, from importing data from multiple sources and calculating commissions of any complexity to generating reports and individualized statements that can then be emailed to each payee with the click of a button.
  • Drag and drop tools allow even nontechnical users the ability to set up commission and incentive rules based on any number of complex criteria.
  • Users have immediate access to commission and other related analytics and can build dashboards and reports easily using intuitive report builder tools.
  • The Sales Web Reporting Portal gives payees the ability to view their own progress and performance and understand how they’re earning commissions.

One thing we like about Core Commissions is that they have hands-on options that can help businesses leverage the power of their solution more easily by leveraging their team to help:

  • The Quick Start program offers new customers up to 10 hours of training, implementation, and support from our implementers. It also includes 30-days use of our system. All of it is available at the reduced cost of $500, with no commitment required. As such, you can try Core Commissions with a fixed cost, and be certain it’s right for your business.
  • Their Managed Services package fully outsources all sales commission tasks to our team, either acting as a support for the organization’s existing team or taking the whole process out of their hands completely.

You can learn more about the Core Commissions solution by checking out their app listing.  To compare the various packages or schedule a demo, visit the Core Commissions website.

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