Create a Wholesale Website: Choosing the Right Approach

When the time comes to create a wholesale website or order portal for your business, there’s generally two approaches that can be taken. One is to leverage an add-on or secondary feature to other business software. The other is to use a solution custom-made for B2B and wholesale eCommerce.

Each has their pros and cons, so in today’s piece we’ll cover the key considerations such a choice can drive, and how to make the best decision for your company.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

There are a lot of solutions out there that promise to do everything. Get CRM, accounting, and even commerce functionality all in one system! Others, like most inventory solutions, now offer a B2B Commerce add-on as a secondary feature.

If you only require very basic functionality, these may work just fine. From a pricing perspective, it can even be quite attractive. But the most critical question should be asked: Does it do what you need it to do?

When the all-in-one solutions come up short, you can select another solution and integrate it to everything else. It’s common for APIs and connectors to exist between popular systems. Zoey, for instance, has direct connectors to, among others, NetSuite, QuickBooks Online and Salesforce.

Does One System Cover Every Aspect Your Site Needs?

Most of these all-in-one solutions have the basics covered. Buyers can sign on, see what inventory is available and place orders. Many will provide basic information to your buyers.

Some, but not all, will provide order updates and information. Few will support more complex scenarios such as Net Terms, saving cards on file, powering a public website and other commonly required capabilities.

How Easy is it to Maintain Your Business Requirements?

Accordingly your business requirements, and the rules you use to run your business, are important. Can you manage tiered pricing or customer-specific pricing?

B2B Commerce is not one-size-fits-all – there are a variety of scenarios that businesses can require. We’ve written an eBook that offers a variety of features and functionality to consider as part of selecting a new solution.

What Will Take Your Business to the Next Level?

It’s also important to remember that what you need today can change over time. Is your current platform rich with places to grow, or is it barely handling what you can do as it is?

Do you already have roadmap projects identified that you can ensure will be supported when the time comes? You may not be able to predict your exact direction with precision, but if the solution you’re picking isn’t built to grow with you, you’re going to face the same issue in very short order.

Zoey is B2B eCommerce First, With Room to Grow

Zoey has a fully featured suite of B2B eCommerce solutions that can help you create a wholesale website. Contact our team to learn how we can help you achieve your goals:

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