Staff Accounts

Set up staff accounts to be able to access the back end. Logging tools let you know what each staff account is doing to products and orders. Restrict access for a given staff account to certain functions, or certain customers or customer groups, based on the needs. Grant limited access or full access to areas like the Visual Design Editor, billing, order/quote creation, product management and more.

Account Management

The primary account holder can manage various parts of their Zoey account as well as grant access to a variety of tools to secondary account holders. Billing information for Zoey can be updated, and apps can be installed and configured straight through the back-end.

Tabbed Interfaces

Zoey’s administration area includes a tabbed interface for key pages such as the Orders, Customers and Products screens. You can create views that can be saved as tabs for easy surfacing and use going forward, while maintaining a clean, uncluttered screen.

Admin Order Create/Admin Quote Create

Staff can build orders and sales quotes directly inside the back-end, with tools designed to create each from top to bottom within a single screen. Select products, shipping information, billing information, customer details, adjust pricing and more through a single screen. 

Orders can be processed and completed instantly, while sales quotes can be sent out for customer approval. Both are designed to allow your entire team to transition to an online system vs. taking orders in outdated ways such as via phone, email or paper.


You can configure emails to alert internal and external team members when an order is placed or updated, send buyers updates (including notes above/beyond shipping and processing alerts), and more through our email screen.

With our recently upgraded email section, you have even more control than ever on the email experience, both design and content.