Optimize the Performance of Your Online Store with Zoey Analytics

Zoey Analytics Are Your Secret Weapon

Zoey Analytics are an enterprise-grade suite of analytics designed specifically for eCommerce businesses. They go beyond standard web analytics tools to deliver detailed insights into areas like merchandising, marketing, abandoned carts, and customer lifetime value. Think of them as a command center that tells you everything you need to know to outsmart and outsell your competition.

Fast Access to Your Most Important Metrics

Zoey’s overview dashboard delivers instant access to top line metrics like visits, conversion rate, orders and average order value, so you can quickly understand the health of your business.

Understand Your Marketing

Zoey’s marketing report gives you detailed insight into your marketing mix, showing you how your campaigns and channels are contributing to revenue and customer acquisition.

Map Your Purchase Funnel

Zoey’s Purchase Funnel Report automatically maps your visitors’ flow, showing you where visitors drop off so you can modify your site and guide more visitors towards a purchase.

Stay on Top of Order Volume & Trends

Zoey’s Orders report shows you detailed data about your orders so you can analyze the influence of sales and other factors on order volume and the health of your business.

Recover More Abandoned Carts

Zoey’s analytics helps you reduce abandoned carts by identifying the products that lead to the most abandoned carts, so you can make smart decisions about your product mix.

Optimize Your Merchandising Mix

Zoey’s Merchandising report shows you the performance of your catalog so you can make smart choices about the products to feature, which to promote and which to stop selling.

Get to Know Your Customers

With Zoey’s Customers report you gain deep insight into customer behavior. This helps you identify your best customers and determine if your marketing is achieving your goals.

Measure Your Store in Real Time

Zoey’s Real Time report allows you to track visitors, marketing, orders and revenue in real time so you know what’s going on with you business as it’s happening.

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