Get Great with Glew: Academy Videos Offer a Deep Dive


For more than a year now, Zoey customers have been taking advantage of the amazing analytics and insights provided by our partner, Glew. With insights into customer ordering patterns, popular products and profitability, there’s all sorts of great information designed to help a merchant best understand their biggest opportunities for growing their sales and customer base.

But for many growing businesses, all of these concepts may be new or confusing. So how do you understand how to read the data and find the right insights? With Glew Academy, a new video series produced by the Glew team, you can now get an in-depth review of what certain metrics mean, how to read the charts and data, and how to take that data and make strong business decisions.

At the time of writing, there’s seven segments, available, covering a variety of topics including:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Opportunity Cost and Inventory Data
  • Lifetime Value

All of these are metrics any eCommerce seller would benefit from understanding, and Glew breaks it down, and shows you how to use Glew to understand the data and identify the insights that can help your business. Check out Video 1 below:

To see all of the videos, visit the Glew Academy page by clicking the button below:

Visit Glew Academy

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