Get the Free eBook: The Changing Landscape of B2B eCommerce

Zoey is pleased to announce the release of our first eBook! Building upon a webinar and other content we’ve produced over the last year, we have launched “The Changing Landscape of B2B,” an eBook packed full of tips, tricks and best practices designed help B2B eCommerce businesses keep up with the demands of today’s customers.

Many B2B eCommerce businesses have websites that have been in place for an extended period of time, unlike B2C eCommerce sites, which tend to get refreshed every 2-4 years. Meanwhile, some B2B businesses aren’t selling online at all. The reasons vary, from lack of in-house expertise to the nature of the products being sold, which until recently may have been too complex to sell online, especially in a self-service format.

As eCommerce has evolved, so have the tools that help B2B businesses run sales through their store. Tools have been developed to empower not only customers, but salespeople, marketing staff and others on your team. As such, it’s important to evaluate the capabilities available today and how to leverage them for success.

The eBook, free to download, features a variety of topics relevant to B2B businesses:

  • How to support self-serve customers
  • Leveraging eCommerce to support full service customers
  • How to get less tech savvy customers more comfortable with your eCommerce store
  • Using customer segmentation as a pathway to personalization
  • How to manage B2B and B2C customers off a single store
  • Search Engine Optimization and how to best leverage your site’s own catalog and content

The eBook is designed to help you leverage creative and innovative ideas that can improve your website through the use of time-tested eCommerce capabilities. Best of all Zoey provides the tools to help you implement all of them!

Click the image below to get your copy, and contact Zoey today to see how we can help modernize your B2B eCommerce capabilities.

Get your free eBook: The Changing Landscape of B2B eCommerce

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