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Many businesses who capture orders through a wholesale or distribution business still haven’t activated an online solution. And many of those who have took advantage of solutions available at the time, which are primitive compared to what are available today.

B2B eCommerce and order capture solutions continue to evolve quickly, making more features available, and making existing features more robust, to be useful and accessible to the business requirements of a growing number of those in the B2B and wholesale space.

These same solutions are also becoming increasingly powerful for companies with an internal ordering requirement, serving scenarios such as store networks that need supplies.

To help bring clarity to the continually changing landscape, we introduced our B2B Commerce Checklist. This week, we’ve launched our 2020 version, adding in a number of new capabilities that are becoming more commonplace and useful for those selling online in volume.

The Checklist is designed to help those working through feature requirements for their next system to be able to figure out the right questions to ask. The checklist continues to be divided into categories to make the process easier:

  • B2B Functionality Basics: Core capabilities for many order taking and eCommerce solutions in 2020.
  • Customer Self-Service Options: Features that help customers manage their own ordering and accounts with ease.
  • Salesperson Support: Tools that help a sales force become more efficient and successfully close more business leveraging an order portal or eCommerce solution, as well as newer developments like mobile app support.
  • Product Management: Ways to improve product data input and reduce errors in order placement through accurate website data.
  • Customer Segmentation: How to organize your customers and present information that is unique to each customer group.
  • Advanced Capabilities: Some businesses need to take further steps in complexity to properly service their customers, such as through offering Net Terms or Quote requests. Others need to group users into companies for scenarios like order approval. This category covers less common use cases that nevertheless can occur frequently in wholesale and distribution order taking.
  • Integrations/Data Sharing: For many businesses, an order capture solution need to talk to other systems. You can account for a variety of systems and reduce data entry duplication through proper integrations.

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