Glew Adds Coupon Analysis and Reporting


Coupons have been a staple of shopping for a long time. Many customers like a deal, and will use coupons to get additional savings. In the physical world, keeping track of coupons is generally easy because you have a physical paper to represent each coupon.

While the digital world of eCommerce makes it easy to record a coupon was used, it takes additional effort to review how the coupons are performing and whether they’re providing the results expected. Fortunately, Zoey’s analytics partner, Glew, understands this and recently added coupon analysis and reporting to its analytics suite.

Analyzing Coupons

Located in the Orders section, the new Coupons screen lets you review a variety of information about coupons and how your promotions are performing:

  • See total coupon usage, and how it compares to previous periods
  • See the attachment rate – what percentage of orders have a coupon
  • Revenue connected to orders that used a coupon
  • Total discounts related to coupons
  • Average order value
  • Average coupon value

Like with other Glew screens, rich visualization options help spell out each of these data views in a clear and concise way, and you can apply filters to get to exactly the information you need.

As you dig deeper, you can review reporting by coupon code, where you can see which coupon codes are doing the heavy lifting for your store, and what each coupon code is costing you, and generating for you. All of this can help ensure your promotions are healthy and profitable, allowing you to ditch poor performers and amplify the ones that are helping you succeed.

You can also review things like which day of the week sales were driven, order status, order ID, customer and more – sort and filter in nearly infinite combinations based on your business requirements.

Glew and Zoey: The Perfect Combination

The Coupons screen enhances what already is a strong set of capabilities for Zoey customers. If you don’t have Glew yet, it’s easy to get it – inside the admin, select Enable Glew Analytics under the Analytics menu and you’ll be on your way:


If your plan doesn’t include Glew, you’ll have the ability to purchase it on the spot. To learn more about Glew, click the button below:

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