Glew Adds Support for ShipStation Data

Many of Zoey’s customers rely on ShipStation for efficient management of their shipping needs, to allow for easier bulk generation of shipping labels, pick lists and more. But having that data in isolation means it’s not always easy to trace back how shipping costs impact profitability, for instance.

With their latest update, Glew has added the option for integrating ShipStation data into your Glew Analytics reporting, offering the most complete picture yet on how the various aspects of your business contribute to your success, or in some cases create challenges to be solved.

In today’s post we explore some of the ways you can leverage this new data inside your Glew reporting.

Shipping cost by order


At a most basic level you can evaluate the shipping cost for each order, and compare it to how much you charged for shipping. This can help identify when there’s a mismatch between your store’s calculations and the actual shipment costs incurred. Shipping is one area where merchants are at risk of losing money, and having an at-a-glance view will help you understand where mistakes may exist in your shipping logic. It can also help you evaluate the true cost of free shipping promotions, or in some cases also surface where you might want to reduce shipping charges as well.

Carrier trends


Glew can break down your shipping costs and metrics by carrier, which can help you evaluate if there’s an issue with an individual carrier, as well as where the costs are being spent the most. In more extreme cases it can help identify if there’s a carrier where calculations are off or is priced outside the norm, indicating the potential for cost savings by moving those shipments elsewhere.

Shipping KPIs


Like other parts of Glew, it also rolls all of the information up into helpful KPIs, showing how things are trending and quickly highlighting areas of success and opportunity. This at-a-glance view is great for regular monitoring of what’s happening when it comes to your shipping spend, margins and order shipment counts.

Glew and Zoey: The perfect combination

These new capabilities enhance what already is a strong set of capabilities for Zoey customers. If you don’t have Glew yet, it’s easy to get it – inside the admin, select Enable Glew Analytics under the Analytics menu and you’ll be on your way:


If your plan doesn’t include Glew, you’ll have the ability to purchase it on the spot. To learn more about Glew, click the button below:

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