Glew to Replace Zoey Analytics


Thank you to all of our customers who voted about the future of Zoey analytics. After listening carefully to your feedback, we have opted to proceed with launching Glew, an enhanced analytics package, as a new offering on Zoey.

Glew provides in-depth information that goes beyond the basics of Zoey Analytics, with a focus on Key Performance Indicator analysis that will help you make smarter decisions as a business. Glew also maintains the historical analysis of your store that Zoey Analytics provided.

In today’s post we take a closer look at some of what Glew will provide you as a customer, and how you can take advantage of it.

Glew Features

Glew not only offers customers replacements for many of the featues you’ve come to depend on with Zoey Analytics, but goes deeper than its predecessor in offering helpful insights and data to make better business decisions.

Abandoned Cart


Glew’s abandoned cart capabilities blends well with Zoey’s to provide key insights as to what items are being left behind and what percentage of your carts are being abandoned. For those of you using our MailChimp integration, Glew also ties into MailChimp, allowing you to push abandoned cart information there to do follow-up marketing with customers. Or, use Zoey’s default Abandoned Cart capabilities to follow up with your customers and close more sales.

Customer Insights


Glew can analyze and segment customers in a variety of different ways. See how active your customers are, when and how often they order, their average order value size, total revenue earned, location and more. Understanding your customers and their specific traits can help you identify how to find others just like them.

Marketing Analytics


See where your customers are coming from, how profitable each channel is for you, and use that information to improve and hone your marketing to your best channels, or be able to evaluate and address underperforming channels.

Product Analysis


Take a deep dive into your catalog to analyze your products, and see profitability information for each product and their margins. See which products are performing the best, and which are not living up to expectations.


With product insights, you can also get automated analysis about your best and worst performing products, so you can continue to evolve your product mix.

These are just a few of the many capabilities Glew has to offer. Its flexible filtering capabilities allow merchants to customize views that are most important to them and retain those for later use. Its flexibility and feature set far surpass the previous feature set for Zoey Analytics

Glew Availability

Depending on your plan, Zoey will make Glew available in the following scenarios:

  • For new customers signing up for the Power or Advanced plans on the pricing page, you will get Glew included at no additional charge.
  • Existing Zoey customers on legacy pricing plans of $299 or above will also receive Glew at no additional charge. (This includes customers who sign up for the Entry plan by April 30, 2018.)
  • Zoey customers on legacy plans below $299, and new customers signing up for the Entry plan starting May 1, 2018, will receive Glew as an available add-on at $20/month.

(Please note that Glew pricing for new enrollments is subject to change; if you are reading this post after Glew’s launch, please check the Zoey pricing page for the latest pricing.)

Glew will launch on or around May 1. Zoey Analytics is scheduled for shutdown on April 30. While we will make every effort to launch Glew in time to replace Zoey Analytics, there may be a small gap between the solutions as we finalize testing for connecting Glew and Zoey. We appreciate our merchants’ patience while we finalize things.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce Analytics Coming

As part of our decision to select Glew, we are also making enhancements to our Google Analytics integration to allow support for Enhanced eCommerce Analytics. This will provide a free alternative for those who do not wish to pay the $20/month for Glew on legacy plans, or do not need a solution as powerful as Glew for their analytics.

Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce will offer some of the same capabilities as Zoey Analytics or Glew, but will only be able to analyze data from the time it is enabled. Historical analytics, therefore, will not be possible. Enabling Enhanced eCommerce, once available, will give access to an expanded set of reporting for use for analyzing how your store is doing.

Timing of Enhanced eCommerce is still being finalized, but is also scheduled for later this spring. Stay tuned to our blog for updates for each of these solutions as they become available.

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