Glew Update: Customer Group Segmentation for Analytics

Zoey’s analytics partner, Glew, has always provided a variety of ways to slice and dice your data for optimal data analysis and insights. With their latest update, they’ve provided a new facet in which you can evaluate your data, if you’re using Zoey’s Customer Groups capabilities.

You can now use those same Customer Group segments to view data within Glew, to better understand how each is performing against the others, and which segments are providing the best results for your business. Let’s take a deeper look at how these capabilities can help you.

Track Performance Across Customer Groups

Customer Groups Performance Breakdown

At a basic level, you can see how each of your Customer Groups are performing, by seeing how your revenue is divided amongst each segment of your business. Like other filtering capabilities, you can then take a deeper dive into each segment and see other details such as the most popular products within a group, profitability and average items per order, which can help identify where there may be opportunities to grow or improve a given segment.


You can compare time periods to see how a group is performing over time, and evaluate the lifetime value of a customer group (which is important to see broken out given each group may be expected to perform differently). You can evaluate individual products and customers in a group to see who’s driving the business within a given segment. Paired with information such as cost of goods sold, you can see how products and customers are impacting your bottom line as well – which are most profitable, which could use some promotional muscle, and so on.

Make Better Business Decisions

Deeper diving around products and customers within a group can help better inform where sales are coming from or where marketing or promotional activity could grow a segment. Similarly, it can tell you when a segment is succeeding without such efforts, where you can earn even more.

Similarly, being able to track the profitability or success of each Customer Group can make sure your pricing structure and terms for each group is providing the proper results for your business – and allow you to evaluate where things are going wrong if not.

Customer Groups is just one facet you can use to filter and analyze your business; check out our previous introduction to Glew to see other ways you can leverage the data to success for your eCommerce business.

To learn more about Glew’s recent additions, you can read their blog post on the topic.

Get Actionable Data for Your Business

Having data that can inform business decisions is a key part of any successful eCommerce business. For Zoey customers, Glew is exactly that. If you have our Power or Advanced plans, you already enjoy Glew as part of your monthly subscription. For others, you can activate Glew simply by logging in and enabling Glew under the Analytics section of the admin. Click the button below to log in and get started:

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