How Good is the Support of Your B2B & Wholesale Order Solution?

When it comes to the solution you select to be the hub of your sales activities, knowing that you have support that backs up your purchase is critical. This is important regardless of whether you select an open source or SaaS-based solution, because it’s inevitable that questions will crop up, or new needs will develop that require some help to resolve.

SaaS-based solutions tend to have more readily available help as part of the overall offering, but the quality will vary widely. Some potential buyers will test support out to see the quality of the responses they’ll get, should they become a customer.

Even during the sales process, you can learn quite a bit about what sort of culture has been fostered within the company, as to whether support will be strong or not.

Take this example from Zoey customer Ninkasi Brewing Company:

“We tried to talk to Shopify and they were really slow on getting back to us. We talked to another beer-specific company out of Oregon. They also wouldn’t customize anything for us, not that our customizations are really in depth, but some minor things. Then we had also talked to this start-up out of California to see if they could help develop something for us. The cost just didn’t make sense with them.”

By comparison, Zoey company founder Uri Foox “called me before I ever really had a chance to ask any questions. He called me and just wanted to make sure there was nothing waiting for us, anything holding us back. I was able to tell him, ‘Actually, there’s a few things.’”

Becca Livingston, Business Intelligence Manager for Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Zoey’s approach to support means that from the moment you begin to evaluate Zoey as a platform, we’re hyper focused on ensuring it’s a good fit and you can accomplish your business goals. It also means making it easy to ask questions, and to have a library of information available to you as well:

“Anytime I have a question or I’m trying to figure something out, I first go to the Support option of Zoey. I use that as a reference to this day to remind myself how to do something or look something up. When I submit a support ticket, usually within the day I hear back. It’s always so awesome. Even if it’s as simple as walking me through a process that’s in the support materials, they’ve never had a problem explaining to me how to get something set up. They’re always pretty fast. I appreciate that.”

Meghan Farmer Smith, Distributor Ordering & Inventory Coordinator for Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Our case study with Ninkasi Brewing Company is the latest to be added to our Customers page, featuring more information about how they are leveraging Zoey to improve visibility into their orders and simplifying the ability to have distributors place their orders.

Other Zoey customers echo their confidence in Zoey’s ability to offer great support. This starts with our ability to help customers during the set-up process:

“There was great responsiveness to problems during the development process. There will always be kinks and bugs along the way, but you guys would always work them out — and usually faster than expected!”

Mike Kasdorf, Director, Backyard Nature Products

Our depth of written documentation is regularly touted by customers:

“We no longer require the services of an outside team of developers. Written documentation is always available for support when we have questions, and if we require more specific information, email support is very prompt and helpful.”

Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing, Professional Medical Fulfillment

Our quickness of response is also frequently referenced:

“Zoey is a much more economical choice than many other eCommerce platforms, and the support team has always been very responsive to our questions and needs. Zoey provides the tools and framework we need to position Legacy Industrial Electric as the expert in our field.”

Christine Lupton, Legacy Industrial Electric

See for yourself how our team can work with you to achieve your goals for capturing B2B and wholesale orders anytime, anywhere on any device. Schedule a conversation with one of our Customer Success Specialists by providing us your information:

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