Leveraging B2C Techniques for B2B eCommerce: Self Service Tools

close up of hands using laptop and holding credit card as Online shopping concept

B2B commerce has traditionally lagged its B2C counterpart in terms of capability and flexibility. Some businesses haven’t even gone online, fearing the complexity of B2B Commerce doesn’t translate to a website. Others have old, outdated websites that don’t leverage today’s eCommerce best practices.

When it comes to B2B and wholesale eCommerce, many businesses could look to take a page from B2C eCommerce businesses in how they empower their customers to make purchases and take certain actions on their own.

Increasingly, a percentage of B2B transactions currently being done over the phone, via email, or through salespeople could be handled and managed directly by customers without the merchant’s intervention. In other cases, managing account information like billing addresses, shipping addresses, and billing information such as stored credit cards shouldn’t require a call to customer service or an email to the company.

In our latest guest blog post posted at nChannel, we share ideas on how to leverage best practices from B2C solutions to elevate your game as a B2B eCommerce seller. Areas of opportunity include:

  • Account Management Tools
  • Order Portal Capabilities
  • Personalization of the eCommerce Experience

Head over to nChannel to read the post!

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