Cut Costs and Eliminate Complexity By Moving to Zoey From Magento

Former Magento Merchants Love Zoey

Just a Soap

“In my first year alone, I’ll save at least $11,000 by moving to Zoey from Magento.”


“Since moving to Zoey I’ve regained 10 hours a week that I can use to focus on growing my business.”

Nihon Ichiban

“Within my first year of migrating from Magento to Zoey, my annual online revenue has doubled.”

Lower Operating Costs By Up to 85%

Zoey delivers advanced eCommerce tools at less than ¼ the cost of a Magento Open Source site.

Money saved on hosting, servers, and maintenance can be invested in high ROI areas like marketing. Free from the burden of maintaining infrastructure and relying on IT for updates, your team can execute projects hassle-free.

Launch Sites 75% Faster

Zoey’s SaaS infrastructure and easy to use tools empower your business to launch your store 75% faster than on Magento. Moving with that kind of speed opens up huge opportunities for your business.

You can start selling sooner, launch marketing campaigns faster and rapidly evolve your business to take advantage of trends in the fast-paced world of ecommerce.

Key Reasons to Switch to Zoey from Magento

Lower Costs

Zoey gives you the power of Magento at 1/4 the costs of a traditional build, giving you more money to invest in growing sales.

Less Complexity

Zoey gives you the power of Magento in an intuitive platform that anyone can use to build an advanced online store.

Easy Migration

Our automated migration tools make it easy to switch from Magento. With just a few clicks, we’ll import your data into Zoey.

Manage More On Your Own

With Zoey, your business team can run your store without IT support. Tools like our Visual Design Editor, easy to use catalog tools and pre-built integrations allow anyone to do things that once required advanced technical knowledge.

When your team is free to innovate without restrictions, amazing things can happen. You can launch marketing campaigns in less time, execute complex merchandising strategies and A|B test redesigns with ease.

Tools and Integrations To Grow Your Business

Zoey boasts an impressive and always growing app library that includes none of Magento’s downsides. You’ll never encounter an app conflict, most apps can be installed in a few clicks and we vet all apps to ensure quality stays high.

Whether you need to support global sales, use an advanced marketing platform like HubSpot or manage a complex product catalog, Zoey has integration that can help you execute your strategy now and in the future.

Ready to switch from Magento?

Our automated migration tools makes it painless to swtich to Zoey from Magento. With just a few clicks, we’ll import your products, categories, customers and orders into Zoey.

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