Manage inventory, orders, warehouses and more to streamline your operations

Zoey and SalesWarp seamlessly work together

Enter products in SalesWarp and have them seamlessly transfer to and appear on Zoey. Orders placed on Zoey flow back to SalesWarp for processing. Inventory and shipment updates are sent back to Zoey for accurate and up to date information being presented to customers. SalesWarp can also aggregate orders from other channels, as well as inventory from multiple warehouses. Merchants can manage the operations of their entire business from one system.

Amplify your business's success by linking SalesWarp and Zoey

Build your playbook

SalesWarp’s robust rules engine allow businesses to, with precision, define their operations rules, and have them manage and interact with their Zoey store and other channels accordingly. Revised rules reach all channels automatically.

Speed up your business

By centralizing orders, inventory and shipping through SalesWarp, you can avoid having to process orders in marketplaces, Zoey and other sales channels separately. All sales channels get immediate updates on inventory changes.

Launch your site quickly

With Zoey’s drag-and-drop design tools and SalesWarp’s powerful inventory and order management features, you’ll have your store up and running in no time, exactly how you need it to run to be successful.

Centralize your order management

Zoey robust, complete integration with SalesWarp means customer purchases, no matter where the source, can be managed in one place:

  • Orders placed on Zoey can be sent to SalesWarp for fulfillment
  • SalesWarp can route products to multiple warehouses for fulfillment
  • SalesWarp will update Zoey orders with the latest details, such as tracking information when items have been shipped

Build products once, list everywhere

If you list products in multiple channels, such as multiple stores or marketplaces, linking Zoey to SalesWarp can introduce major efficiency to your business:

  • Create your products and attributes in SalesWarp
  • SalesWarp lists your products on Zoey and other platforms where you’re selling
  • Inventory updates in SalesWarp automatically populates to all channels
  • Sales in Zoey or another channel will automatically reflect in the inventory on all channels

Get started and streamline your business

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